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You can easily provide bulk email reseller services to existing clients without maintaining or building any system on your own. With our white label bulk email marketing reseller services, you’ll start within 24 hours. Get complete freedom to plan your charges and earn a profit.

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How does it work?

UBES, i.e. Unlimited Bulk Email Server, is a simple, efficient, and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive feature set. You can use it to manage the email marketing for all your websites, having everything email related in one place. Unlimited Bulk Email server makes email marketing tasks easier. It doesn’t matter if you have experienced or just a beginner in the email marketing industry, and it follows the idea that email marketing should be accessible to everyone, as simple as possible.


Signup for the bulk email reseller program
Choose from our benefiting reseller business plans consistent with your email sending requirement and make the payment. Provide your logo and branding details within the format emailed to you.


Your reseller account will be set up within 24 hours.
Allow for our technical team to line up your white labelled email marketing tool and brand it together with your company detail and logo.


Point your subdomain/domain to the IP provided
Now, your clients will be ready to access your reseller email marketing tool in your chosen domain with your own branding.

Advantage of our Email Reseller

  • Used by over 400 resellers in India and abroad
  • Start your email marketing service in 24 hours
  • Providing email marketing service since 2010
  • A leader in bulk email marketing solutions
  • Reliable 99.99% service uptime
  • Dependable technical team

Top 10 benefits of using our Bulk Email reseller program

email marketing reseller service
  1. The fact that Every $1 spent on Email Marketing will generate you $44
  2. You can easily segment groups of your prospects and customers and send them specific marketing messages that target their personal needs and interests.
  3. You can easily send More Frequent Communications.
  4. You can easily Reduce Overhead Costs.
  5. You can easily personalize your email messages.
  6. With automated emails, you can increase your one-to-one marketing communications and, at the same time, reduce the number of employee-hours needed.
  7. It’s easy to test, optimize, and continually improve your email marketing results.
  8. It’s easy to track engagement, as well as sales and conversions, in your email campaigns.
  9. Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter, combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey)
  10. If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective communication tool with the people who matter most to your business.

Pentalead is one of the best bulk email reseller service provider in India. Join hands with us and start you own business with our reseller program

Features of our Bulk Email marketing reseller program

Unlimited Everything

Once you install a reseller server, you get unlimited everything, customers, email lists, subscribers, campaigns, stats, delivery servers, etc.

Great API System

Bulk email reseller service comes with a great API system that you can use for custom integrations. You can use it to create subscribers, lists, campaigns, etc.


Bulk Email Reseller business has been developed with extensibility in mind and allows developers to extend it via extensions and themes. There are already a huge number of extensions available for UBES, either free or paid.

Your Are is Control

An unlimited bulk email reseller server gives you extraordinary control over the entire application so that you can fine-tune it for your own environment. It also provides administrative tools so that you always know how it performs, if it has issues, and what issues it has.

Constantly Updated

Our bulk email marketing reseller service is used by thousands and we always listen to feedback and add features as our customers request them, which means the application is constantly updated with new features but also with bug fixes.

Delivery Servers

Our Server integrates with all SMTP server types and also with services like Spark Post, Mail Gun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Elastic Email, Mail Jet, etc. Whatever delivery method you need to use, most likely we have you covered.

Detailed Reports

Each campaign will produce very detailed reports, see who opened or clicked your campaigns, how many times and from what location and device. You can also share your campaign reports with 3rd parties without the need to create accounts for them.

Separation of Concerns

Bulk Email Reseller Server separates the administrative tasks from the customer tasks by splitting the application into a backend area and a customer area which makes things very clear when dealing with a huge number of customers.

Monetize It

Our email marketing reseller business offers absolutely all the tools in order to run it as a SAAS platform where you can have multiple customers, charge them for using the system and invoice them for the service.

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What will you get?

Pentalead is one of the best bulk email reseller provider in India. Start your own branded reseller business with us.

email marketing reseller white label

White Label Email Reseller Panel

  • Hosted on your selected domain
  • Rebrand it with your own logo
  • An advanced email marketing tool
  • Service availability managed by us
bulk email reseller whitelabel panel

Master Reseller White label Panel

  • Create accounts for clients
  • Add/ Remove email credits
  • Enable/ Disable accounts
  • Monitor users activity/ usage
email reseller program

Dedicated Email Delivery Server

  • Intelligent email delivery engine
  • VPS Server
  • Multiple dedicated IPs
  • Automated IP reputation monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding Bulk Email Reseller Service and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

How can Bulk Email Reseller Server help me?

It’s very simple actually. If you are sending newsletters or bulk email to your website(s) users (or customers) and you want to be in full control over your data and also you don’t want to pay external services for handling the emails for you then the reseller server is the right tool that you need. With a reseller server you need to pay One Time Set-Up fees and use the application on your own hosting server with your own delivery methods, at no additional costs for you!

How do I get started with my own email marketing reseller business?

You can start with your own branded bulk email marketing service with our complete bulk email marketing reseller solution which incorporates Master Reseller Panel, Private Labelled Email Marketing, Dedicated Mail Delivery Engine. Request pricing or call 9999-052-606

Can I Monetise or Earn Money?

YES! UBES offers you the ability to charge your customers, to create price plans and decide the Validity of the User’s Bulk Email Account. It’s a fully SAAS application that can, in turn, make a profit for you!

Why should I use Unlimited Bulk Email Reseller Server?

That’s an easy one, bulk email marketing reseller server cost is very low, and it is packed with great features! You only pay this price once, and you get free updates and a solid application. Just compare UBES features and price with other applications, you will see how choosing UBES makes sense and how profitable your choice will become for you in the future.

What kind of hosting do I need?

You don’t need to worry about technical things; We will help you with Buying a perfect hosting plan.

But then too, for your Information about hosting specification: In order to run Bulk Email Reseller Server, the requirements are pretty low, you will need:

  • » Linux operating system
  • » Apache Webserver – version 2.x
  • » PHP >= 5.2 (use php >= 5.4 for high delivery speed)
  • » MySQL(>= 5.1) or MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine
  • » Cron Jobs access (Linux crons not web crons please)

Your PHP extensions must include gd, IMAP, zip, mbstring and curl. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are; the UBES installer will tell you if something is missing. Please note, while UBES will run on shared hosting too, it is advised you use it on a properly configured VPS.

Who provides support to my customers?

You will be handling your customers as they’ll NOT be in direct link with us in any way. you’ll be billing your customers. From your reseller panel, you’ll set up and manage your client accounts. we’ll be supporting you technically.

Where do I get help?

Glad you have asked! Our Technical Person, Miss Priya will be in contact with you from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. (IST).7 Days a Week. Direct Contact Number is +91-8505-896-896. You can also get Immediate Support any time on WhatsApp, click to connect on WhatsApp: