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What is bulk email service pentalead

What is Bulk Email Service?

Bulk email service or mass email service is usually used for marketing purposes and is when emails get sent in bulk from a business to several recipients directly. The aim of bulk email service is to plug the business, sell goods, develop relationships. you’ll use bulk email services to send newsletters, promotions, advertisements, marketing mail, and everything in between! Determine how you would like your email marketing campaign to run, and the way you would like to distribute content. The frequency that you simply send mass emails is up to you, but less is usually more!

Free mass email service for up to 100 emails. Store unlimited contacts.

How does it work?

A bulk email service, or mass email service, is a crucial tool for businesses and marketers to send marketing messages or EDMs (electronic direct mail) and triggered emails, referred to as transactional emails.

With the assistance of the best bulk email service, you’ll generate leads or send traffic to your website. Here’s how it works –

  • Mass email service is web-based, where the user or the client is given login credentials by the mass email service provider.
  • Here you enter the list, requirement, and build a newsletter for your email marketing campaign.
  • Once it’s created, you begin sending them emails, and within the dashboard, you’ll inspect the campaign stats.
how mass email service work

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Start using bulk email service in three simple steps.

How to use Mass Email Service?


Upload Your Mailing List
Once you've created your free Bulk Email account, which will take 60 seconds, upload or import your mailing list through the dashboard.


Create Your Email Campaign
Design an elegant, professional email with one among Pentalead's beautiful templates. Add as much or as little of your creative flair as you would like. All templates are completely editable by drag-and-drop.


Start Your Email Campaign
Ready to send? Simply start your campaign or choose a time to schedule your message. you'll inspect your stats within the dashboard in real-time.

Benefits of using Bulk Email Service

Sending emails to several people in only one click refers to bulk email. Personalization and automation features of bulk email service have proved useful, consistent with the marketers, as they assist in sending the message to the intended audience at an equivalent time. Following are the notable benefits
Bulk Email Service Provider in india

Higher customer receptivity

When compared with other marketing media, bulk email service is way powerful in reaching the specified audience. Yes, TV and radio services have the power to let your brand reach millions, but there’s no doubt that they need low receptivity. what percentage of people are taking note of or watching the promotional content on radio or TV? Quite low, but with bulk email services, you’ll have a one-to-one directly with the customer. Plus, you’ll also define your audience and reach them directly.

Cost efficiency

Depending on the corporate size and mailing services requirement, using mail are often quite cost-saving. Now how does it saves your money? Remember that point once you wont to distribute leaflets as a part of your promotional campaign. With a bulk email service, you’ll do an equivalent and reach the targetted audience at a really less price. Now, how much would it cost you to send bulk mails, absolutely nothing, right! However, the only price you need to pay is for the server that helps you send bulk emails.
Affordable bulk email service provider
bulk mass email service provider in india

Better targeting

While creating a marketing strategy, targeting is a vital part. If the targeting is weak, your emails will land within the mailboxes of the incorrect people, thereby leading to the failure of the entire plan. Using the most effective bulk email service, you’ll quickly achieve the very best level of targeting. Further, you’ll also send fully customized messages to your customers, thus, proving to be the most effective targeting tool.

Whether you’re a small business, start-up or enterprise firm, odds are your best bet when it involves email marketing is to outsource your bulk email service. Try Pentalead today.

Powerful features of our Bulk Email Service

Quick Email Delivery

Just schedule your email as you start designing in our given variety of templates. Copy and paste all the needful and you have can create a customized email as well. The email doesn’t take ages to get delivered but with our strong system, it gets delivered at the light-speed.

Fast Network

We have a Pro platform which will make sure all the emails are sent in a bulk quantity across.

Reliable Support

You can trust us and our team helps you through 24/7

Dedicated API

You get to integrate the app very easily.

Template Editor

We have created an editor which allows you to drag and drop and carry with your email creation. Hassle-free!

Dedicated IPs

As mentioned earlier, you get the dedicated IPs which improves your brand’s reputation.


The SMTP monitoring system will filter through the data and manages to keep the reputation across the real-time blacklist.

Unlimited Service

Unlimited subscribers, list cleaning, uploads, stats, report and SMTP server connectivity. Everything is unlimited!


So, without staying mediocre we are giving you the nudge to take that one step ahead with us. You get to list CSV import, statistics, data report.

Device Friendly

No! You don’t need to have the software or anything. You get to use this application across your devices.


Our tools will help in tracking the click-through rate and bounces. You will be getting a real-time report.

Email List Cleaner

The software will allow you to clean up the list quickly.
Why choose us as one of the best Mass Email Service provider in India

Choosing the proper bulk email service provider in India is extremely crucial for any business because, in the end, profit is what you seek. to make sure an equivalent, availing the proper services is vital. And once you choose one, going to know the advantages it offers becomes essential. Having provided the simplest SMTP services to several clients, we are now ruling the market and being retained again and again by our clients.

  • We are offering Free 1 VPS, 1 Domain, 16 Auto-rotating IP address with complete setup and training.
  • Pentalead offers you a very powerful and easy-to-use email marketing tool. Email marketing holds a very important space under the umbrella of digital marketing.
  • With our service, you get to start your own email campaign with just one click.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Bulk Email Service / Bulk Email Software and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

What is the best time to send bulk emails?

However, a study shows that the most effective day for sending emails is Friday, while the most effective time of the day is from 9 AM to 11 AM.

The whole setup will be ready in how many days?

It gets done within 1 day or less than that.

What is the percentage of inbox mail delivery?

We guarantee that the emails will get into the respective customer’s inbox if they haven’t deactivated their mail accounts and their general behaviour with the mails and using them. Sometimes, the mails can gather into the promo if they haven’t changed the settings. Earlier, it might have occurred to you that the mails get gathered in the spam folder and as the server gets acquainted more with your domain name/IP/Server your mail will get into their inbox for sure.

Will the unsubscribe option will be available to my consumers?

Yes. Your customers can see the option down below your newsletter and if they don’t wish to get any mails they can opt for unsubscription.

Can I send personalize mails?

Yes. You can! That’s the beauty of customization where you can make your customers feel that you care and have amazing offers

Can I make segments and send some emails to a specific group?

Sure. You can set up a strategy according to your need and our system will collaborate with you.