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Why Pentalead’s Bulk Emails?

We are offering Free 1 VPS, 1 Domain, 16 Auto-rotating IP address with complete setup and training. Get the one of its kind offers now!

Pentalead offers you a very powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool. Email marketing holds a very important space under the umbrella of digital marketing.

With our service, you get to start your own email campaign by just one click.

DeliveryReliabilityValue for money
We monitor all the emails hence confirming when your emails are out and in their inbox.We have a team who will help you 24/7.You will quality service at a very decent amount.
Powerful features, without the hassle

Quick email delivery

Just schedule your email as you start designing in our given variety of templates. Copy and paste all the needful and you have can create a customized email as well. The email doesn’t take ages to get delivered but with our strong system, it gets delivered at the light-speed.

Fast network

We have a Pro platform which will make sure all the emails are sent in a bulk quantity across.

Reliable support

You can trust us and our team helps you through 24/7

Dedicated API

You get to integrate the app very easily.

Template Editor

We have created an editor which allows you to drag and drop and carry with your email creation. Hassle-free!

Dedicated IPs

As mentioned earlier, you get the dedicated IPs which improves your brand’s reputation.


The SMTP monitoring system will filter through the data and manages to keep the reputation across the real-time blacklist.

Unlimited service

Unlimited subscribers, list cleaning, uploads, stats, report and SMTP server connectivity. Everything is unlimited!


So, without staying mediocre we are giving you the nudge to take that one step ahead with us. You get to list CSV import, statistics, data report.

Device friendly

No! You don’t need to have the software or anything. You get to use this application across your devices.


Our tools will help in tracking the click-through rate and bounces. You will be getting a real-time report.

Email list cleaner

The software will allow you to clean up the list quickly.

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Lifetime free update

This update will happen right after you make 1-time payment for the application.

Guides and notes

All the how-to’s and email related guides where you will learn how to make your email land in their inbox and how to warm up your IPs