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Why Pentalead’s Bulk SMS?

  • Support: We are going to make sure your all queries get answered and you don’t face any blocks while using the service. Our support team will help you out.
  • Reliable: We do what we have promised. Sending bulk SMS across devices and bring in more customers.
  • User-interface: The user interface is very easy to use.
  • Global presence: We make sure that our service reaches your global audience as well.
  • Low-cost but High-value service: We have a budget-friendly package, and the value we bring in on the table is outstanding.
Everything you need to send better bulk SMS communications

Customized Bulk SMS

Greet your customers as you get into their inbox. Excel plugins not at all required and add your customer’s first name, IDs and other suitable info to create that personalized touch.

Unsubscribe feature

This feature will allow your customers the power to unsubscribe as well. This inbound feature will help you a lot.

Surveys and Forms

If you want to understand the customer’s mindset sending out small surveys can help you. Give your customers a sense of importance as you send the forms out as well.

Sender Name

Take the customization one step further by adding your brand name. This improves your brand image.

24/7 support

In our system we guarantee that you will have our back for 24/7. No other company offers this!

Total Integration

Our integration is available with CRM and CMS.

Promo SMS

You can use this for scaling up your business. The messages are sent always between 9 AM to 9PM.


Wondering? Where all of the messages would get stored for you to get back. Cloud storage got you! We use 10+ SMPP Backup Server and using Tier 4 data centre.

Link attachments

You get to send the important links via each SMS that goes out. It could be any link with an image, PDF files, etc.

Give tickets & vouchers

Add an exclusive coupon code or vouchers to the SMS and get it out. You get to design it as well.

Polyglot SMS

You get to send messages out in different languages. Send messages in all regional languages.

SMS templates

We are saving your time by giving you access to the feature of creating templates by referring to already existing templates.

Reach greater audience

So, you have to reach more global audience? Our service is provided globally and to be exact we are available in 200+ nations.

Special Day & Special message

Its your customer's birthday and you get the chance to make them happy and offer some discount codes. How? Our server gets important data which you can use.

Transactional SMS

If you are a shopping store or a bank then you can get this one where OTPs would be sent for further confirmation.

TRAI guidelines & API

We are offering this services by abiding to all TRAI guidelines. HTTP-API and other software can be used.

Timely delivery and reports

We keep you updated with the delivery reports of the SMS sent in real-time. This way you can track all the click-through.


We have set an inbuilt scheduler. You may plan-out small batches and sent it out.

Contact management

The user interface is very easy. You may directly get the data from your excel sheet or go on the copy-pasting. You will find everything in the same place.

Campaign check

You will be able to check the campaign effectiveness by clicking on a URL we will share. You also get to convert them into short links which are easy to track.


We use these standards which means that customers who are having these Sim can get messages sent by you.

Strategy formation

Once you select the package our team will discuss about the strategy you can set regarding SMS.


Target audience you want to during that time to increase your sales.


Pay less and get quality service. Pentalead Bulk SMS services stands strong with small and big companies alike.

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