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Create & execute successful Voice Call or Voice SMS campaigns with few clicks.

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What is bulk voice call or voice sms

What is Bulk Voice Calls / Bulk Voice SMS?

Bulk Voice Calls or Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication technique that allows you to send automated calls or a pre-recorded voice SMS to a large number of people at once. You’ll use bulk voice call service for notifications, alerts, offers, announcements, surveys and more. You’ll also record the customer responses by implementing a simple IVR Number within the decision blast.

Voice SMS is an automatic call that contains a recorded message. You’ll either record the message or utilise a text to speech converter. The message is played once the user picks up the call.

How does it work?

With just one click, make those bulk voice calls to your customers at one go. The chances are that if your phone rings, you will pick it, wondering who is it, right? That’s human nature. Picking up the call and knowing what’s all it is about is the human reaction which stands universal. So, let us blend it into your marketing too.

Pentalead Bulk Voice calls (OBD Calls) or Voice SMS allow you to send automated calls to many customers. These calls might be about giving a message about your products or services.

How to make this possible?

When you sign up with us, you get to record a voice message that you can preview and make edits before sending it out to the entire customer list. You can use this service for notification, alerts, offers, announcements, surveys and more. You get to merge the IVR software setup to record customers response.

bulk voice call service

Benefits of using Bulk Voice Call / Bulk Voice SMS

The major role of OBD Call or Voice SMS Service can be played well for a good range of applications like Mobile Marketing, Political Campaigns, awaken calls, Customer Surveys, EMI Alerts, Medicine reminders, Stock Alerts, Meeting alerts, Invitations messages for Wedding, Birthdays, Events, Party and etc.

voice sms service benefits
  • Improved productivity: Bulk Voice Call service helps you succeed in an outsized audience easily with only a couple of clicks.
  • Increased response: Bulk voice calling campaigns tend to possess a far better ROI due to the upper level of personalization & engagement.
  • Better customer experience: Use personalization to require customer experience to the subsequent level. Make every call count.
  • Increased efficiency: The best part about the broadcasting campaigns is that you simply can schedule them before time. This helps companies stay organized.
  • Reminders: Schedule Voice SMS to remind customers about payments, meetings, appointments, etc.
  • Promotions: Inform customers about the newest offers and deals using our Voice SMS service.
  • Notifications: Alert customers about important events at the proper time by utilising our Voice SMS API.

How you can get more benefits from voice call services?

  • Surveys: Calls have a better response rate and it can help you in making any sort of research
  • Feedback: If you have recently given any sort of service you can get direct feedback.
  • Announcements: If you happen to be in sales or PR you can schedule these announcements.
  • Reminders: Keep your customers in the loop by reminding them right before any planned event starts.
  • Training: You can create more awareness about your products or the products which are launching very soon.
  • Schedule: You handle all the operation easily and effectively
  • Filtering for recruitment: Arranging some QnAs for filtering helps you a lot.
bulk voice calls by pentalead

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Powerful features of our Bulk Voice Call / Voice SMS

Track & Record

We have designed a dashboard for you to track and record the calls. This can be saved for later if you plan to get started with any training or monitoring.

Analytics & Report

We create a real-time analytical report and you can make good decisions accordingly.


Reach a huge scale of an audience by voice calls with just few clicks.


Some people can opt for a call to confirm their registration. Our software will manage to send them the OTPs via call.

Text to Speech

Once you are ready with the message you want to send out our software will convert it into a human voice for you. Easy!

Easy User-interface

The dashboards can be customized according to your need and you can drag and drop the tabs and create your own flow.


The organization will be becoming highly efficient once you start adding these tools. Broadcasting campaigns work best!

Inputs Via Call

The person can type in the numbers once he makes any selection to carry forward any survey or just like we mostly do during elections.

Import Contact List

Directly upload the list of the customer contacts and also you can add more info like email, location and so on.


With the call, you get more responses from the customers as it has a personalized touch.

Customer Experience

With the customized call with a personal feel to it the customer experience is enhanced.


Once the customer has placed their order you can get notified about the confirmation that the order is placed, status update and anything important. This way the provider can also notify them that the order has been delivered.

Why choose Pentalead as the best Bulk Voice Call service provider in India?

bulk voice call and voice sms service pentalead
Why Pentalead is considered the most reliable cloud communications company in India and Southeast Asia

  • Simple interface to do your voice promotion
  • Potential clients all over the country
  • Various sample codes of voice API
  • All voice SMS services at single place
  • Use your own voice call interface.
  • Work with a highly knowledgeable team.

We are pleased with our excellent customer feedback and always strive to serve the most effective service to our valuable customers. We are constantly working on being one of India’s foremost reliable Voice SMS Service Provider.

We also offer a web-based Bulk SMS service for Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. Try our Bulk SMS and grow your business with us.

Businesses across the globe are using Pentalead for efficient and smooth Bulk Voice Call service.

400+ Customers Trust Us

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Bulk Voice Calls / Voice SMS and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

What is Bulk Voice Call / Voice SMS?

When a pre-recorded voice messages are sent out to a list of customers all at once is called the voice broadcast or bulk voice calls. It increases your reach and is a type of effective communication.

Will the calls sent out quickly?

Yes. Once you customize your record. The message goes out quickly as we send more than thousands of messages each hour.

What the format needs to be?

.WAV works the best!

How can I schedule a Bulk Voice Call or Voice SMS?

Once you decide to create the campaign, all you have to do is switch to scheduler and record. one message and add whenever you find the most suitable.

Why is Voice broadcasting most effective?

It reaches more audience and they give responses as well. It is cost-effective and saves a ton of your time.

Who can use voice broadcasting?

Literally anyone! If you are a new business owner, companies, organization, telecom, banks, etc. If you want to reach a huge number of customers, you can start with voice broadcasting.

What’s the cost?

voice SMS pricing depends on the quantity you want to reach. To know the pricing check here or get in touch with us where we can create a customized package for you. 

Can I edit the list and sent the voice calls to a certain number of people?

Yes! You can manage your list and target those who you want to. It is all in your hands.