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Pentalead converts your existing website into a mobile app. Our application is a window to your website, as soon as you update the content of your website, your application will always be updated. Publish your application on the Google Play Store, reach billions of users.

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The power of mobile apps

  • 87% of users prefer to spend time on apps, while just 13% spend time on the web.
  • The mobile app is expected to generate revenue of $188.9 billion in 2020.
  • After shopping on the website, 42% of consumers use a shopping app or communication app.
  • 83% of B2B marketers demand that mobile apps are an essential part of content marketing.
  • The retail apps conversation rate is 120% higher than the website.
What are the benefits of converting websites into mobile apps?

In this digitally advanced era, just being present online will not help you lead the race. You have to go mobile to get more customers and make your business a big success. So, if you own a business website, and are still thinking about building just one app, you are missing out on many great opportunities for your business with every passing minute. With a mobile application, you can make your products and services available to customers at your fingertips and grow your business dramatically.

Discussed below are some reasons why you should consider converting your business website into an app.

Offline Capabilities

Although mobile apps require the internet for most of their operations, they can provide basic content and functionality even in offline mode. Having users access the application content in offline mode can help you to maintain their interest and establish long-term relationships.

Improved Visibility

According to recent reports, an average user spends at least two hours a day on apps. This can help improve business visibility. It can also help to influence the perception of users of a brand as all the necessary content is available at their fingertips.

Regular Connectivity

A mobile app can help you stay connected to customers 24/7, from anywhere and via any device. Push notifications, one-tap access to business contacts, and many other innovative features are the reasons why mobile apps have gained immense popularity.

Works Faster

A mobile app works faster than a website because it uses the preferences set by users to take proactive action on their behalf. In addition, an app stores data locally on a mobile device, making it easy to retrieve data and provide a better user experience.

Better Branding Opportunities

When someone downloads your mobile app, the app icon, which may be your brand's logo, is placed directly on their device. This means that every time they look at their screen, they are looking at your brand logo and reminding you!

Reliable for All Screen Sizes

Mobile applications are easily viewable on all types and sizes of mobile screens, while mobile websites are difficult to customize for different smartphone screens. Through the mobile application, your customers get the best experience and are likely to come back to you for more.

Simple and Easy Navigation

Mobile applications are inherently intuitive which means that navigating through them is easy and engaging. However, the website is often found difficult to navigate and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Better Conversion Stream

Mobile applications improve your conversion stream as they help customers better understand your offerings and let them connect with you instantly. In addition, an app with unique features and beautiful design also dramatically improves the user experience.

Enhanced Personalization

Mobile apps offer enhanced personalization through customized content, analyzing user behaviour and engagement, making recommendations, and updating based on it.
How to Convert a Website into an Android & iPhone App in 3 Easy Steps?


Share Your URL
Once you share your URL with us we will get started with creating an app.


App Delivered
Within 24 hours we will make sure that our team delivers the app straight into your inbox.


Upload on Play Store
Make certain tweaks as per requirements. You can upload your app on App and Play store.

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Explore Our Website to Application Features


You won’t be needing any Android and iOs source code at all. As your website shows up in your mobile browser similarly it will show up in the app.


We offer this to a range of entrepreneurs across industries. We have created a full-service experience for you and our support team will be available 24/7.


The App we created will support all the databases like MySql, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB. DB2, SAP HANA.

No Templates

The app we will create won’t block any of the functionality you are seeking in the app. You get native add-ons for push notifications.

Easy Linking

It is a very easy process to link the app with other sites and you can even link the app to the web browser.


So, if you want to demonstrate certain stuff via videos and audios you can do that on the app. We have given the same option.

Android App

We create the blockbuster app for you and share it with you in an apk file format which later you can submit to Google Play Store.

The Perfect Solution

We offer a complete white label solution. The interface looks branded and trustworthy.

Refreshing Option

If you are adding something new the user can refresh the same page and get the latest updates.


You can send push notifications to a certain number of audiences and keep them updated.

iOS App

We create the application and convert it into something which is very user-friendly. You get to launch it and get love from your customers.
Businesses across the globe are using Pentalead for efficient and smooth Mobile Application Service.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Website to App Service and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got any questions, visit our Support Center.

Why the price is so low?

We lowered the price to make it possible for anyone who wants to convert their website into an app at a reasonable price without spending thousands and tens of thousands of rupees for developing personal iOS and Android apps.
Converting a website into an app via Pentalead is done at a high technical level and with many features. Typically, each of our customers turned their site into an app and uploaded their app to the Google and Apple stores, which remain our customers for a long time.

What do you mean by maximum Push recipients?

Let’s start and say that there is no limit to the number of app downloads from stores. Also, there is no limit to sending push notifications.

Can I use a service and turn the site into an app even if I don’t have technical capabilities?

Of course. Anyone who knows how to read the instructions can turn the site into an Android and Apple iOS app. The system has explanations and videos that accompany each step. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions.
If there is no general knowledge of computers, or you do not have the will or power to deal with technical things

When Turning a website into IOS and Android app, why do I have to open a Google developer account and an Apple developer account?

There are two points to this question:
1. According to Google and Apple’s Terms of Use and Guidelines, each app must be uploaded to the app owner’s account with reference to copyright. Sometimes you can ask them to upload an app to another account but usually, there is a problem with this issue.
2. It would be better for you to upload your application to your developer accounts so that you have statistics and control over the app.

Can any site be turned into an Android and Apple IOS app?

Yes, any sensitive site can be converted to iOS and Android apps, even if it is built in PHP, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, visitors, etc. As long as the site is mobile-friendly, it can be converted to Apple iOS and Android apps.

What are web push notifications?

Why send push notifications only to Android and iOS apps so you can also send push notifications to browsers like Chrome and Firefox?
We authorize browsers to send push messages by installing some code in your website or by installing a WordPress plugin. Once installed, any user entering the site will be asked to confirm if they receive the update. If the user agrees, when you send a push message, the message will pop into the browser.

Who uploads the apps to the Google and Apple App Store?

After taking the technical action of converting your website into an app, we upload the app to your Google or Apple developer account. All you have to do is log into your developer account, fill in the details and submit a Google or Apple review.

Do I need an Apple computer to upload an app to Apple?

No, you don’t need a Mac to upload apps as we upload the app directly from XCODE to your Apple Developer account and also set up push notifications for you.

Is there an elementor support?

Yes, if you install our plugin for WordPress, you will have another option for elements in the element that will only allow you to hide the elements in your app, therefore, you can actually access the app via the site. Can control visibility.