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What Is Email List Cleaning?

Email verifier, or email checker or email list cleaning, is a tool that can clean your email list from old or invalid emails. Sending to unverified email lists will lead to a high bounce rate and blocking of your email by ESPs. The goals of our email list cleaning or email verifier service are to maintain the high reputation of your email account by improving the delivery rate of your campaigns.

We offer top industry solutions for Sales & Marketing, Startups, Recruiters. We help everyone who holds importance for outward reach. With Pentalead email verifier and email list cleaning tools, you can accelerate collecting and managing lists of leads and candidates. We offer you a smooth ride and generate more valid leads.

No bouncing of the emails as all the emails gets verified

The status will tell you whether the email is valid, but that’s not all. Where enough data is available, you’ll see the first and last name of the user, and their gender and other specific details.

Bulk Email Verification

Put in the whole files in the email verifier and get all the mails verified.

Individual Email Checker

Use the extension to verify the email wherever you are.


This verifier can get directly build in your platform email validation.

The benefits of using an email verifier or email list cleaning

As an email sender, you can’t afford to gamble together with your reputation and risk having your emails land in spam or being blocked. Whether you persist with this free email verifier and bulk email list cleaning or make the most of our system by using it in bulk, keeping a neat list of contacts is crucial.

  • you learn more about your subscribers.
  • You won’t email the same person twice.
  • Your bounce rate will improve.
  • You’ll get fewer spam complaints.
  • Your sender reputation will stay strong.
  • You’ll get better engagement.
email verifier service pentalead
Email verifier service provider in india
  • The bounce rate will improve: The bounce rate will improve as you will verify the emails in the first place and filter all of them. And you will save your reputation by not getting in the spam or being blocked out of nowhere.
  • Spam complaints: As you make use of our API tool you will save your inbox from false abuses. The overall risk of spam complaint will boil down to zero.
  • Strong brand-value: Your email deliverability will increase its value and increase the overall market reputation.
  • Better engagement: The click-through rates will be increased and you will get higher engagement.
  • You won’t send the mail twice: Our system will keep track of the emails sent to the person and you won’t get in their inbox twice with the same mail.

Get Started with Email List Cleaning

By working with email marketing services that will make sure you follow the best practices for your email campaign including email verification services, email list cleaning, email verifier and email deliverability checks you’ll be able to protect the domain or IP address of your email server from being blacklisted and optimize your email marketing campaign performance.

Some examples where you can start using this tool

  • Our team would be available 24/7 in case you face any issues regarding the same. If you aren’t aware of how to go about using the tool. Just give our email verifier a shot which is designed in a simple way to get the best results.
  • You have just started your business and you don’t have many email subscribers yet. You can use this verifier to manage the same and keep the list tidy.
  • We know that cold emailing can be effective but first, you need to reassure the email address. Our tool will help you with the same.
  • If you are in Sales and PR this tool will be your saviour.
  • To have a genuine database verifying email addresses takes you a long way.

With Pentalead’s Verifier, you get to check the emails within seconds and have a good database. Pin this page so you have all of this tool-kit handy.

Email list cleaning service pentalead

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the email list cleaning / email verifier and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

What is the purpose of an Email Verifier?

Email address verifier, or email checker, could also be a tool that can clean your email list from old or invalid emails. Sending mails to unverified email lists will cause a high bounce rate and blocking of your email. The goals of our bulk email list cleaning or email verifier service are to take care of the high reputation of your email account by improving the delivery rate of your campaigns.

How accurate are the email verification results?

There are no thanks to verifying an email with 100% accuracy without sending an actual email thereto. That said, consistent with our latest tests, the bounce rate for emails that have received a “valid” status after email verification with is merely 1.72%. With our email checker, you’ll maintain mean deliverability of up to 98%.

Once the email verification is done will the mail bounce ever?

It may happen. But with our service, we assure that 96% of valid email addresses won’t bounce.

Will a verification email would be sent?

No! We verify the email without sending any email to anyone.

Is the email verifier free?

With a free account, you can manage to verify over 50 email and later on you can check the pricing here.

What do you check exactly?

First, we see whether the format is correct or not. Then whether the format is set in a gibberish tone.
We check whether the mail is created over Google or Yahoo. Also, MX Records and SMTP check is done to confirm.

Bulk, Real time or manual email verifier which one is best?

As you know the email marketing is expanding every year and email verification has been one of the essential steps to manage the email list. At Pentalead we serve more than 57,000 customers and brands who exactly know the importance of managing genuine email subscribers.