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When your business is growing it is always a better idea to re-invest in the business by creating and involving more trustworthy tools. You are aware that your business is picking up and you have to make sure you create a hassle-free experience when a potential client or any if your loyal customer wants to get in touch with you.

We at Pentalead Media Private Limited have created a system for your business in which we provide packages for SMS, e-mail, voice and social media marketing. Also, one of our best services is the IVR and Toll-Free for which we have received very positive feedback.

We completely get you on this and we assure you that our service will take the weight off your shoulders and you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Some features of our IVR & Toll-Free

Unlimited Agents

When a good amount of traffic is coming your way it is better to have unlimited agents who can handle this traffic of customers well and will take care of them. As you join with our platform you can assign the calls to unlimited agents.


You get the complete download of the conversation that happened with your customers. You can later share these recordings as a case study with your representatives. In short, Recording helps you in understanding your customer in a more nice way.

Customer Relationship Management

You will get to manage all the important notes and reminders for follow-ups along with your customer name at a single place. With such management, you will be able to have a good rapport with your customer.

Dedicated Number

You get to use this number anywhere you want and get as many leads possible.

Use Your Number

Specifically, you can use your own number as well.


You will be getting the reports with analytics mailed to you every day.

Multiple Extensions

We provide multiple extensions which can be very beneficial to handle varied number of issues.

Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Access call logs in real time, hear recordings of your toll free calls. Draw valuable business insights with a customizable data dashboard.

On-hold Music

While you are checking with your system to provide correct answers the customer gets to bop over some good tunes until he waits for your reply.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Set caller preference, alternately, prevent misuse by blocking unwarranted callers from spamming your toll free number.

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate your toll free number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.

Auto Call Routing

Handle large call volumes, configure call timings akin to your working hours and direct calls to your personal number.

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About IVR-TollFree Solution

At PentaLead we offer you your unique number which customers can use to reach out to you. This would give you a more professional vibe. The IVR and Toll-Free can be offered in Bilingual languages as well. With using this smart technology, you aren’t just caged and contact customers in your region but you can reach out to a global population as well.

  • Our IVR system is something which you can rely on. This system will read the first 4 digits of the incoming call. The system then EnRoute the specific call to specific customer care or your desired location.
  • All in all, it comes with a very personalized experience.
  • The voicemail allows the customer to place their query and get a call back from an appropriate attendee. This saves time of the people instead of lining up in the queue. Once the working hours are on the customers will be called back to clarify their queries.
  • By using this service, you increase the productivity of the team and boost their efficiency. You can automate most of your tasks and your customer service agents can make sure they spend their time on higher-value tasks.
  • It is more secure and resourceful and safe for the customers as well as their information won’t be misused.
  • Also, with cloud telephony you can lessen the queue by not letting the sales go anywhere else. Personalized Telephony like this will gain more likes for your brand as well as resulting all of it in sales.
  • The system is configured to ease out the whole process. Using Cloud Telephony System is useful for all the industries. For instance, you have a Clothing store online and you want to create a separate IVR and Toll-Free number for your shop. People can reach out to you if they want to know about the delivery time it will take or just tracking the order. There will be other options to cancel the order or talk to a customer service executive for other queries. Such structure will segregate the customers and the customer service executives can manage to help people who have any other issue.

This is the way we are going to help you build a global brand.