Watch your profits increase as you start getting more leads which are original.
Are you giving up on paying the lead generators and having no control at all? You can get the control in your hands. Choose Pentalead! We are Indian’s leading option for getting high-quality leads and creating some amazing campaigns.

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At Pentalead we generate genuine leads which convert into real sales. Our leads are not only verified but also qualified.

We are the best lead generation in India with an experience of over a decade. We supply you convertible leads which generates higher ROI for your company. We look after the whole lead generation process for you.

We don’t sell leads we curate it for your brand and then you own it totally.

What do we do?

Demand Generation

  • Setup: We help you in managing the setup and design the whole campaign.
  • Outreach: We work on the email and social outreach.
  • Pay-per-click: We help you in navigating and placing Google ads.

Lead Generation

  • Precisely delivered: We deliver the exact amount of leads we have agreed upon per week. So, you will be getting new leads which are convertible.
  • Target set: We make sure that you get the leads from the set target audience. Later, we target them and generate leads.
  • Marketing channels: Leads will be getting to you from all sort of marketing channels we will be establishing for you.


  • Time-saving: Our services will save up your time as we bring organic, demand generated leads. We manage if you choose to call up all the leads and save as much as your time. Our team will assist you in managing them as well.
  • Cost-effective: Manage your money in a good way. You get high value service and organic leads. Eventually your sales conversion will increase.
  • Quality : We believe in giving quality service to our customers and hence the leads you will be getting are going to be 100% organic.
  • Accelerator: As the lead count jumps up the appointments and sales figure starts scaling up. This is the best growth accelerator for your company.

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Start now and start engaging with qualified potential customers in your product category and target market. Now!


We do design websites which have a very easy user interface. We keep on changing the themes to help you evolve and attract your target audience.

Totally Data Driven

We have set our strategy in such a way that they are driven by the data and created by the set of experts in our team.

Creating a Pipeline

Drive the leads via PPC and SEO strategies. We help you get those leads and create a map which will help you in converting them into real customers. It's a good thing when you keep your prospects interested.

So we have all strategies set in place.

We all know doing marketing must yeild the results and that result we can see in the form of Leads. We help you to get the same. Just set it up and boom! You are good to get started.

Pentalead specializes in B2B and B2C lead generation, inbound marketing and sales. As we mentioned earlier our process is very data driven and effective. We focus on the strategies to reach the goal and scale up your business.

We will give you

  • Leads generated per month.
  • Sales qualified leads per month
  • Making sales with the leads received.
  • High conversion rates.

We also help you in maintaining the relationship with the leads with your sales funnel such as email marketing, LinkedIn, SMS and best content.

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