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Want to deliver your brand message in different languages? Voice over services can help you adjust your message for the foreign market culturally. Generate large sales and revenue by capturing the hearts and minds of your global audience.

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What is Voice Over Services?

  • Voice-over technology is used to give voice and personality to animated characters. Notable and versatile voice actor
  • In the film, the filmmaker places a human voice (or voice) over images shown on the screen that may or may not be related to the words spoken.
  • Live sports broadcasts are usually shown as a wide voice by sports commentators on video of the game program.
  • Television networks such as The History Channel and Discovery Channel make extensive use of voice-overs.
  • Our specialist voice-over artists are available in all parts of India and internationally.
  • The voice-over is done keeping in mind the mood, tone, male/female voice and visual expressions in specific stages as well as the overall purpose of the film.

Need of Voice Over Services For Your Business Today

Speaking something for your brand should always be professional and engaging. Therefore, if you are launching an advertisement, product trailer, or video game, you need to make sure that the voice within the presentation (s) is attractive and clear so that the target audience can celebrate. For global organizations in particular, voice-over plays an important role, as a powerful voice interpretation video is much more productive than a simple text.

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Boost Sales

Investing in voice over services is the perfect way to increase sales of your product. With a voice-over, your video lecturer will align with the script, and eventually, the customer will get a clear idea of the intent of the video. Once the viewer is clear about the product and its importance, it will encourage the customer to buy.
boost ROI with our studio voice over service

Boost ROI

If you are known in the global market and the sales graph has increased, then you can easily make your presence in the target market. As a result, you can achieve a higher ROI than expected. So, you need to focus on high-quality voice over services that adds a strong voice to attract targeted customers.
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A Global Hit

If you can reach your audience in a powerful way, your brand will automatically become a global hit. To become the target audience’s preferred brand, you need to provide the right information to the target market. For non-native audiences, you need voice-over artists who can give voice to your brand.
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Access to Global Market

Stepping into the global market and harnessing its benefits is another requirement that allows businesses to invest in voice-over. After creating a professional image in the market with voice over services in India, you can get instant success. Your business will get a chance to expand business boundaries in different regions or markets.

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Types Of Voice Over We Offer

The voice over services India industry is so vast that it has different types of voice, depending on your different needs and specialties. Therefore, we are supported by professional voices of artists, who specialize in providing multilingual support for your number of projects. Some of the major types of voice over services, we offer –

  • Presentation Voice Over
  • Male Voice Over
  • IVR Voice Over
  • Movie Voice Over
  • Radio Voice Over
  • TV Voice Over
  • Powerpoint Voice Over
  • Professional Voice Over
  • E-learning Voice Over
  • Professional Voice Over
  • On Hold Voice Over
  • E-learning Voice Over
  • Podcast Voice Over
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Telephone Voice Over
  • Video Voice Over
  • Documentary Voice Over
  • Other Voice Over
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Why choose PentaLead as your voice over artist?

  • PentaLead provides high-quality voice-over and recording services for advertisements, eLearning, promotional videos, lecturer videos, IVRs, audiobooks and PRAMs.
  • PentaLead provides excellent voice-over services in over 30 languages ​​at a competitive cost.
  • PentaLead has an extensive partner network of 200 professional recording studios, 3,200 individual voice-over artists and an experienced team of production managers.
  • PentaLead has successfully delighted customers in cinema (feature, animation, documentary), advertising, gaming, eLearning, media and entertainment (TV series, OTT platforms), and other industries.

Our Pros

Professionalism: Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, voice-over artists and translators are committed to providing high-quality voice-over and recording services at competitive costs.

Privacy: We take extreme care in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information provided by our customers. We follow a stringent privacy policy and are heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure with us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are committed to providing superior services and products to our customers. Our primary focus is to see that our customers are fully satisfied and come to us again and again with their needs and projects.

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We have recruited great voices who are willing to accept challenges. You will be assured with the quality.

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You hunt the appropriate voice within seconds and get started with the project.

Under One-roof

If you need scripting our team will help you out. We serve with our transcripts, translation, subtitling, video editing and everything post production.


If you want the artist to keep the pitch high you can guide them online.


We have great network so if you are hunting for a specific voice we get that for you.

Delivered Fast

We are known to give our prompt service. Large projects might take time.
Businesses across the globe are using Pentalead for efficient and smooth Voice Over Service.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Voice Over Services and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got any questions, visit our Support Center.

What type of content do you have expertise in?

We have expert voice-over from artists from e-learning, legal, media and advertising, literature, movies, cartoons, music and many other backgrounds.

Am I going to get quality work?

For assurance, you can go through our sample work which will give a rough idea of the services.

Will the voice-over sound be the way I want it to be?

You need to provide direction. You also need to specify which speed to use, the tone of voice you want, and so on. As per your specifications, we will deliver the voice-over sound you want.

How is voice over charges calculated?

Voice over charge is calculated on a per-minute basis of the source document.

Can you help me write my script?

With our years of knowledge and experienced team, we can help you. Our team can give you many innovative and interesting suggestions for your script.

How soon will my voice- over be ready?

Depending on the length of the script, we can determine the exact changeover time. In addition, we typically deliver all projects on the fastest turnaround time without any quality issues.

Do you have cost-effective charges?

  • Pentalead will never charge you high fees. We at Language Studio translate over 30 languages worldwide.
  • If the language is common with a simple document, the rates are low.
  • If the language is very rare with a specific document, the rate will vary accordingly.