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A tollFree number is one of the best, simplest and cheap ways for your customer to succeed in you in a professional way. Whether you would like to extend the sale, handle huge traffic with ease, increase credibility or whatever, toll free number solution is there for you. a strong platform that caters for all of your business needs.

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What is a Toll Free Number India?

It can usually be a 1-800 series number (with other numbers starting 000800) that can be dialled by anyone across the country at no charge. The business that owns the toll-free number has to bear that call-to-call cost for the end-customer and pay an additional premium per call.

A toll-free number allows the caller to connect with the called party (ie business) without having to pay for the call as opposed to a normal person-to-person call where the calling party is charged according to their billing plan is done.

Call charges for making calls are not fully waived, instead of the caller being charged for the call and usually the premium rate due to special arrangements.

The toll free number in India usually starts at 1800, followed by the operator code (licensed telecom service provider and usually three digits) followed by three to four digits issued by the telecom operator to its customers. Huh.

How Toll Free Number Works?


Get your toll free number
Rent a toll-free number from a toll-free service provider such as Exotel. Choose an easy option to remember the number so that your customers can remember it for a long time.


Customize Call Flow in Pentalead's Dashboard
Personalize call flow and add call routing rules to ensure a seamless customer experience. Create an IVR greeting, add voicemail options, set office hours, and more.


Publish the number and start receiving calls
Once the call routing rule is set, you can go ahead and publish the number on your website and marketing collateral. After this, your customers can start calling you for free - that is, the call fee will be borne by you and not your customers.

Important Features of our Toll Free Number

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM software with the serv application and create a single interface to access your customer's data.

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record incoming calls that you simply want for future purpose. you'll manage and delete these recorded calls at any time.

Text to Speech

One can simply type and convert text to voice recording and you are all set to use it.

Powerful Module

The announcement, DTMF, Webhook, Call transfer, Ringtone, TTS etc. are powerful modules to create a smart and intelligent system.

Sticky Agent

Does the call get disconnected while interacting with the agent? When you redial, the sticky agent will associate you with the same agent.

Multi-level IVR

Multi-level IVR allows users to create sophisticated and powerful call flows with more menu options. You can change your IVR flow at any time.


Webhook helps fetch data and perform many actions. Integrate webhooks into your current workflow.

Agent Wise Report

Reporting in the serv dashboard is customizable. Custom reporting lets you view call reports of a specific agent. Track performance.

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Benefits of Toll Free Number in India for your business

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Effective marketing campaign analysis

The tollfree number serves as one of the best campaign analysis tools due to its nominal cost and brand image attribute. With an 1800 tollfree number, managers can measure the performance of their paid campaigns by attaching separate tollfree numbers with them. As a result, the campaigns that receive the most customer calls will be the best performing campaigns and vice versa.
Customer Experience toll free number india

Enhanced Customer Experience

The India tollfree number increases the efficiency of your business and helps provide an excellent customer service experience. You can get your own customized vanity numbers that will help your customers remember your business number immediately. With automated IVR, route your calls quickly to the right agents and departments.
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Better business presence

Bharat Toll Free Number helps in building your business presence with better customer outreach. Your potential customers can reach your business without any hassle with India’s tollfree number. It helps to keep your business up and running around the clock. With a better customer experience, toll-free numbers make it easier for you to grow your business and increase productivity.
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Round the clock availability

When you are using the tollfree number solution, it is not a case of missing out on business calls due to lack of time. The tollfree number combines with an IVR, which helps keep your business active 24X7 despite time constraints. Therefore, it allows you to connect with your customers even after office hours. In addition, this process can be executed while chilling at home as you can move your agent’s mobile number to the back of the centralized tollfree number.

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Why choose Pentalead as the best Toll Free Number provider

Why Pentalead is considered the most reliable and affordable Toll Free Number service provider company in India and Southeast Asia. Get an 1800 number in India today and try the country’s top toll-free service risk-free.

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24×7 customer support

When using the tollfree number of India, you may need assistance for minor doubts at any time. MyOperator returns this value and therefore provides 24 * 7 support to resolve all your issues immediately. You can reach us at any time of the day for any question. We ensure quick and effective customer support.

Benefits with us

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the Toll Free Number and the way it can help your business. If you’ve got another question, visit our Support Center.

What is a toll free number india?

A toll free number is an 1800 number in which callers do not spend money to make a call. It is a free call that allows the caller to transfer the organization’s connection fee. They are typically in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG, and solutions can be customized based on campaign, brand, or promotional period

Which is the best toll-free number provider in India?

The market is full of many toll-free number providers. It is important that which provider provides you with benefits and easy customer support. Pentalead assures you of many benefits for your business with an online phone number and 24×7 support.

How to get a toll free number in india?

You can contact us on our toll-free number 1800-313-5462 or email us at and connect with our representative. You can also take 3 days free trial here.

How good is the voice quality on your service?

Outstanding! Really crystal clear. Our service uses the most advanced systems and equipment in the industry, assuring the best voice quality available anywhere at any cost.

What kind of people use toll free numbers?

Start-ups, Small Businesses, SMEs and enterprises regularly use toll-free numbers to manage campaigns, engage with customers, and expand reach to their brands.

What are the advantages of a toll free number?

Toll-free numbers provide a duty-free option for your customers and customers to reach you. It is one of the best tracking mechanisms to review marketing effectiveness. It also provides a quick query resolution channel, in which customers can call directly to review various services or products. The report indicated that 80% of visitors call companies when they see the toll-free number listed on their website. Toll-free can be combined with an IVR to integrate their call-in journey.

Do callers get charged when they call on toll free numbers?

When callers dial in the toll-free number, the organization bears the cost of the call. The customer is not charged to reach the company using the toll-free number.

Do toll free numbers increase business?

The toll-free number is an ideal tracking and engagement solution for obtaining primary information from customers and customers. Toll free number providers provide key features that directly affect sales, customer satisfaction, and brand building in the long term. With instant connectivity and the caller does not have to pay for customer engagement, it is more with the business.

What else can Pentalead do for my business?

In addition to the best India toll free number service for business, popular services from Pentalead include Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Bulk Voice Call, IVR Number, Video Production etc..