Website Planning, Designing, Development & Maintenance by
M/s PentaLead Media Private Limited

Before discussing your Dream Website, Just go through these 2 Websites which we have Planned, Designed, Developed and Maintained

  • If you are selling Services or Digital Products then refer to our own Company’s Website i.e.
  • If you selling Physical Products or Goods, then kindly refer our Garments Showroom Owner’s Website

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Whether you are a small business, starting a company, we implement a result-oriented Website solution for everyone.

Plz dont ask the cost of website development firstly, because as soon as We will say you cost you will compare us to the Students who do website design even for Rs.500 as they are learning with your project and we hope you will never love a doctor who, before the operation theater tells you the secret that you are his Experiment’s part, or you will compare us with Free-Lancers with whom you can’t be assured that after order will it work as per agreement.
But in our scenario, you are dealing with a Private Limited Company, and after referring above 2 Websites you can be satisfied that at least we are showing you our live projects, even if we don’t say it as best but we think these are better and we are ready to discuss with you in-detailed discussion with respect to your Dream Website…

Some of the Must Required Features for your Website are:

1) Domain name

Website name ex.

2) Fast Hosting like VPS

Online Web Space

3) SSL Certificate

Required for Website security and customer trust ex. https://...

4) Full Website with Premium Design

5) Newsletter

Required for collecting leads or mails from customer

6) Push Notification

When you update any content then your user gets that update in chrome as notification

7) Payment Gateway

For collecting online payment

8) User Register, Login and User Account

9) Facebook Messenger Live Chat

10) WhatsApp Chat Button

WhatsApp Direct Chat

11) Live Chat Integration

3rd party live chat

12) Important Pages

Ex. terms, privacy, about, contact etc..

13) Tax and shiping

Location wise for ecommerce

14) Email notification

You and user get all order (Sales) data

15) Full backend access with all advanced options

16) User reviews

Reviews on each product for ecommerce

17) Testimonial Section

Important for user trust

18) Website SEO On-Page + Off-Page

Search Engine Optimization Important for google ranking

19) Website Security Settings

Security for malware and attacks

20) Anti-Spam and Captcha Settings

21) Website Image Optimization

Optimize your image to increase website speed

22) Website Speed Optimization

23) Website Logo and Favicon

24) Perfect Tagline

25) Call to Action Button

ex. Call Now / WhatsApp Now Button

26) Perfect Menu Header

Multi-Level Menu and Mega Menu

27) Perfect Footer

Bottom part of website

28) Beautiful Slider

Home page slider with images, video and text

29) Contact Information

With Google Map Tagging

30) Contact Form

With live email notification

31) Social Media Follow Buttons

32) Social Media Share Buttons

33) FAQ and Blog Pages

34) Search Functionality or Filter

35) Comment and Star Review System

36) Awesome Fonts and Multi Colors

37) Mobile and Tablet Responsive

38) Mobile Ham Burger Menu

3 Line menu and icon for cart or account

39) Automatic Sitemap Creation

40) Auto Website Backup and Restore

41) Google Analytics Integration

Required for getting live user statistics

42) Google Webmaster Tools Integration

43) Google and Bing Sitemap Submission

for SEO optimization and google ranking

Similarly there are 44 to 100 more features that are must for a Website…

Now, Just think on your Own, will a Student/Free-Lancer will take care of all this things??? Answer might be yes or might be yes…

But a Company which is Private Limited, issuing you an invoice with every feature and time line deadlines clearly mentioned in terms and conditions might never try to make a mistake by not delivering you what was committed… So decision is your’s, we can just advice!!!

Request a Call Back for Detailed Discussion of Your Dream Website